Dongguan kunhao glass products Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of glass deep processing, with more than 15 years of glass deep processing experience. The main processed glass products of the company include 3mm-22mm flat transparent tempered glass, 3mm-22mm ultra white tempered glass, glass mirror, colored glass embossing / Stripe / Changhong process and other various float glass materials. The company's products are widely used in: furniture table glass, home appliance glass panel, display cabinet glass, glass lens, window glass panel, screen printing glass panel, bathroom glass, and other fields. Kunhao glass adheres to the corporate spirit of "treating people with integrity and doing things seriously", and adheres to the corporate purpose of "quality first, user first and first-class service". Facing new opportunities and challenges, we will establish a good corporate image in the glass products industry and customers, interact harmoniously with customers, and finally realize the common development of the company and customers with the corporate culture of integrity and high-quality and efficient services, pay attention to every detail, For 15 years, we have focused on the field of glass deep processing, done a good job in glass processing, and committed ourselves to the supplier of glass deep processing solutions.

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